Unique Nordic office style, fully equipped working area, dynamic business environment, full-range but also tailor-made professional service and support, FinChi is just the perfect start to your venture in China! FinChi is endeavoring to assist your business growth at each step of your plan in China!
FinChi Soft-landing Service
Within FinChi platform, Finnish companies can enjoy up to 2 years market testing period without legal entity registration. And with FinChi soft-landing service packages, you will be able to set up most of your local operations already before having a legal entity in China, such as:
Smart Virtual Office
FinChi Virtual Office is aimed to create maximum presence of Finnish companies in China with minimum fixed cost for better supporting their business development in China.
With FinChi Virtual Office in China, you receive:
• Prestigious business address& telephone number
• Professional receptionist and support team
• Full access to FinChi facility at in-house price
Turnkey Office Space
FinChi provides office space that is allowed to use for Rep. Office or WOFE registration. Different size and type of fully-equipped space is available starting from one day visit to anchor tenancy.
Wallet Care (Cash Management)
FinChi Wallet Care service provides Finnish companies a safe and trust-worthy solution to their cash management in China. Especially during the time when yourlegal entity and local bank account are not on place in China, FinChi can support you to complete local payment to your suppliers, employee and partners. And you could spend valuable time on your focus instead of miscellaneous tasks.
HR Sourcing Service
FinChi HR Sourcing service has been developed for the situation when Finnish companies desire to hire an employee for their operations in FinChi. Before having legal entity in China, the company can not directly or indirectly hire local staff according to the new company law in China. Therefore, FinChi HR service has been created to solve this situation.
Landing Care Service
FinChi Landing Care Service helps expatriates to smoothly adapt to the different culture and environment in China. Via the landing care service, you can get your whole family's visa and residence permit handled right after your landing in China. And meanwhile, car service, apartment search and home find, schools visits and mandarin courses arrangement, all can be supported by FinChi to ease your new life in China.
Staff Finder
FinChi Staff Finder is an effective tool to find the right local professionals for Finnish companies to start or expand business in China. FinChi staff finder is a proven service enjoying high customer satisfaction within FinChi community.
Logistics Support
FinChi Logistics Support Service provides Finnish companies an operational solution when doing business with Chinese clients. By working as your operation and logistic team in China, FinChi can make full coordination of each business transaction, including money flow, goods flow and documents flow. FinChi logistics support service can be the outsourced operational team not only to the Finnish company in Finland, but also to its sales office or daughter company in China.
FinChi Value-added Service
FinChi Value-added service are special tailor-made for Finnish companies based on the specific situation of the company, growth strategy and business plan. They are indispensable for your business exploration or steady development in the China market.
Legal Entity Registration Solution
When a Finnish company reaches a certain sales scale in China or when it plans to deepen its business strategy in the Chinese market, there comes a crucial moment to decide the right company model as a legal entity in China. It can then establish a steady and long-term cooperation with its customers and partners as well as to seek breakthrough in its business development. Therefore, FinChi legal entity registration service emerges to assist you in setting up the suitable legal entity with professional advice and registration supports. FinChi will act as your forefront staff for your smooth transition from a liaison office to an official legal entity in China.
Accounting & Tax Filing Service
When a Finnish company is registered as a legal entity in China, it is statutory that the business sets up its own accounting system and tax registration immediately for smooth operation in its Chinese business . Therefore, FinChi accounting and tax compliance service is developed to act as your own financial department to take care of the bookkeeping, tax declaration, annual tax return and government inspections, etc.
Subsidy Application
As a licensed innovative incubator both at the Shanghai municipal and Pudong New District level, FinChi aims at bringing the latest applicable subsidy policies to ease your business running burdens, especially in those first exploration years. If you’re a Finnish Hi-Tech company and plan to have a legal entity in China, please join us and get registered in FinChi. FinChi has the qualifications to bridge you with the latest subsidy policies and help you apply on behalf, which includes but not limited to rent subsidies, innovation project subsidies, IP patent subsidies, etc., depending on the applicable policies of the time.
Total Care Service
FinChi Total Care Service provides Finnish companies and delegations a hassle-free trip in China. One designated FinChi professional will take care of the whole trip to ensure each and every detail is well managed. Not only the local administrative assistance, but also the professional support will be provided by FinChi to facilitate the smooth-going of the whole program and save all the troubles might occur during the trip.
Event Organization
Seminars and business ceremonies can all be organized by FinChi both in the FinChi facility or any public spaces. Based on your event budget, preference and purposes, FinChi experienced professional will manage every detail of the preparation from invitation distribution & confirmation, guest's sign-in reception, venue decoration and catering arrangement, etc.
Investor Club
By closely working with Invest In Finland team from Finpro, FinChi Investor Club will be the right and resourceful platform for your networking with VCs both in Finland and China.
Questions and inquiries
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding doing business in China. Also check our FAQ for answers.
FinChi provides a fast, safe and trouble-free platform for Finnish companies, institutions and other organizations in China
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