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The goal for FinChi is success for your business in China. Here, we celebrate the latest success stories from our community for better understanding the benefits and steady and clear growth path via FinChi easy access and soft-landing platform.
The SKS Group is a Finnish family-owned enterprise founded in 1924. Its core businesses and six of its companies are in Finland. The SKS Group has international units in China, Poland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia.
Business Idea
Drawing on its strong technical skills, the SKS Group offers product and service solutions to machine and equipment builders in Finland and other selected market areas.
The SKS Group is its customer's best partner in designing and implementing product development and production. As a producer of value-added services and a provider of components, its competitiveness is well-known.
"Abloy faced many challenges in the early stages of establishing a corporate presence in China. There were many bumps in the road, as well as obstacles to overcome, and hazards to avoid on the way to achieving corporate registration. Being part of the FinChi community and having access to FinChi's array of services and experience assisted Abloy a great deal, especially during the critical early months. I am grateful for FinChi's support and for making the "doing business in China road" a lot easier to travel on."

Mr. Joe Lahoud
Managing Director, Abloy China
"We at BMH have been using FinChi services for the last three years. We have found them most useful particularly in the back-office functions support which has allowed us to concentrate on what we had come to China to do; which was to get our products out there in the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Setting up a business in a country like China that is surging ahead but has a very different culture and language can be challenging for Finnish SMEs. Having access to office infrastructure and professional people who understand both China's business culture, Finnish business culture and speak the common language of English, gives the security and confidence that is needed when entering a new market."

Ms. Minna Vilkuna
Country Manager, BMH Technology China
"FinChi is a great place to start and improve your China operations easily. Setting up an office here is a fast and risk-free choice and highly recommended since the local presence is needed if you want to do business in China successfully. Orion is very satisfied with this arrangement; it has been easier to maintain and grow our China activities with FinChi's kind and professional assistance."

Mr. Petri Karvinen
Head of Orion China Operations ORION China
"We have pretty nice & international atmosphere in FinChi community. Furthermore, the staff always show their responsible and positive working attitude to the clients."

Mr. Sharp Xiao
Sales Manager, OY Transmeri Ab
"When Beamex, in year 2009, decided to establish its own office in China there were several options to consider. The important criterias for us in setting up Beamex office were: First of all, what type of office. Then, reliability in getting required permissions and documentation arranged in a timely (=fast) manner was the second thing. Office location and a prestigious office with reception services, meeting rooms, internet and other communications, etc. were of course also giving weight. When considering the whole package and actions required to get everything accomplished, one option was in its own category, FinChi. They were able to offer a complete package from start to having a fully operating office establishment, with professionalism, reliability and competitive pricing. Now after three years of experience we can say that the staff of FinChi is just super, with regard to professionalism, attitude, reliability and responsiveness. On top of this the whole community atmosphere at FinChi is just great, it serves our needs and expectations to full extent. During the years new requirements have of course arise for Beamex and FinChi has been able to help out with actions and advices. Finally, FinChi girls smiling approach is always "can do."

Mr. Henrik Nystrand
Chief Representative, OY Beamex Oy
"FinChi has been by far the option for Epec. Facilities are good and FinChi personnel are very co operative and knowledgeable. We have got all help to all problems we have had. Epec is very pleased and it is very easy to recommend FinChi to any Finnish company. With FinChi services it is easy to concentrate to essentials."

Mr. Vesa Ala Mutka
Country Manager, EPEC China
"There are many things I enjoy at FinChi. One is definitely our friendly personnel, but also very friendly clients, whom I can meet at the coffee shop near to the FinChi reception. It is a big advantage to be surrounded by people from whom you can always ask advice or opinion on business matters and other – FinChi, Finpro, Tekes, Finnode, VTT and most of all lot of very competent companies and their Chinese and Finnish personnel. Keep on doing good work!"

Mr. Jari Makkonen
Former Head of Finland Trade Center Shanghai, Finpro, Finland Trade Center, Consulate General of Finland
"It has been working with FinChi for almost 8 years, my 8 precious years! 我的青春啊! oh my god... It's nice to be here, the staff are energetic, appreciate the networking which FinChi provides for different organizations to work together, with good facilities and different services FinChi provides form an excellent working environment. I often recommend companies from Jyvaskyla region to start in FinChi, and many of them are coming, with good feedback."

Ms. Amy Qian
Chief Representative, Jyvaskyla Regional Development Company, Jykes Ltd.
"Hydroline is having ambitious growth plan for coming years and one of the most important topics is the business expansion to China. In this task, FinChi has helped Hydroline to concentrate the core business by providing us a secure, well-working facilities as well as trustworthy, effective and ever-so-friendly staff. FinChi "community" has also proven to be a perfect place for social networking and learning the Chinese culture and business from the colleagues of other companies."

Mr. Toni Karvonen
Sourcing Director, Hydroline Oy
"FinChi offer easy and functional gateway for small and middle sized company which wants to start operations in China. You can concentrate to business when FinChi will take care of necessary formalities. FinChi also provide good office space and their helpful staff can provide information and help in many seemingly difficult problems."

Mr. Mauri Torikka
Chief Representative, Merima Ltd (Shanghai)
"FinChi is the best place for a small company to start the China operations. FinChi girls professional attitude with a smile makes you feel happy even in the challenging Chinese business climate."

Mr. Juha Mark
General Manager, SweFin Bearing Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
"We wanted a prompt and easy entry to China market with minimum bureaucracy and that's what we got - we are happy with FinChi!"

Mr. Seppo Kauppinen
Director, China, Elematic China
"I think FinChi is very nice place to work with very good atmosphere. There are very good facility, good services, and especially nice people here. FinChi staff is always ready to help us when we need. With FinChi help, Flowrox had a very good start this year in the Chines market, and we have developed the sales network, and increased the customer number significantly."

Mr. Sun Lin
Regional Sales Director, China, Flowrox Oy
"I think FinChi reception service is very, very reliable. Tana just started business in China and I am the only one here so far. Wherever or whenever I just need to make a call or an e-mail, I always can get the required permission and document arranged timely and accurately - no any surprise. I am quite satisfied."

Mr. Pan Jun
Regional manager, Tana Oy
"VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has had representative office in FinChi since 2008. VTT is actively looking for new business opportunities in China. The central location and good business environment and excellent services of FinChi enable us to concentrates on the essentials."

Mr. Jyrki Poikkimäki
Chief of VTT Representative Office, Technical Research Centre of Finland
"For past 6 years, FinChi witness the grow-up of ALMACO-SHA Rep office, from one small office to now the large scale of Office area. FinChi provide the useful service, excellent working environment! We ALMACO persons also enjoy the easy atmosphere here, FinChi service team bring the sun shine of smile and appropriate help. Not only our Finish team, but also French, Italian, even USA colleagues have good impression for FinChi with convenient facilities and cherry surrounding. We can focus on our business, others you can let FinChi to handle, they really do a good job, and let us enjoy the working!"

Mr. Tom Tang
Manager, China Sourcing, ALMACO Group Oy, Shanghai Rep. Office
"FinChi has been extremely helpful to Rovio establishing the first step local presence in the China market. In addition, the FinChi Management and Team are friendly, helpful and always supportive"

Mr. Paul Chen
General Manager, China, Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
"Without FinChi, it would have been a mission impossible! – HyTest started in FinChi from last September with only one employee. During the past year, we were able to serve Chinese customers more closely which paid back by rapid growth of our business in China; daughter company of HyTest was registered in FinChi within 4 months; in October we even held Grand Opening Ceremony with about 50 honored guests – Can you imagine that we achieved all these with only 3 employees? As I said, without FinChi and Finpro who have been behind us all the time, it's just impossible! FinChi has such a friendly and experienced team that I cannot list all those service and help they can provide in several words. To be short, if you want to focus on your core business from the first day in China, FinChi is definitely your choice!"

Ms. Soozy Xi
General Manager, HyTest China Ltd.
"FinChi - Makes your business life easy and let you focus on core business."

Mr.Pasi Rousu
Chief Technology Officer, Chempolis Oy
"SKS group is actively seeking for new business opportunities in China. In this process one needs reliable long-term partners. FinChi has proved to be such a partner by providing high quality service and networking."

Mr. Jussi Räty
Chief Financial Officer, SKS Group Oy
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